The Estate

Our story

The history of Borgo Magredo began in 1989 when Genagricola purchased a company boasting over 200 hectares in Grave del Friuli, the Municipality of Spilimbergo. The company’s agronomists immediately sensed this territory’s optimal potential for viticulture, dedicating part of this property to vine cultivation. The process began systematically by establishing a deep and lasting relationship with Rauscendo’s Vivai Cooperativi (Coop Nurseries), so to identity the clones that were most well-suited for this terrain, known for being full of gravel and stones (the famed ‘claps’ typical of the Grave area). Vines were gradually replanted according to modern logic and it proved possible to valorize both the vines and the territory’s uniqueness. Over the course of 20 years, more than 200 hectares of vineyards have been planted, including cultivations that are experimental in this territory such as Moscato Rosa or Pinot Nero, which later became a great classic. From an enological point of view, the cellar of Borgo Magredo is equipped with the most refined technologies for winemaking and refining. This includes steel vats for maintaining desired temperatures during the wine-making phase, pneumatic presses for the grapes’ soft squeezing process and everything necessary for guaranteeing excellent production.

By 2004, when Le Tenute di Genagricola were formally established, Borgo Magredo had already proved itself as a successful productive reality, capable of exporting the excellence of Friuli wines all over Italy and to over 30 countries throughout the world. Nonetheless, the company’s expansive journey did not stop there: investments continued to the benefit of the vineyards and in terms of enological research which inspired the company to collaborate with prestigious Winemaker Donato Lanati. The results didn’t take long to become visible. In 2011, Borgo Malgredo is ready to get back into the game with an innovative line of products characterized by new content; its wines are the result of almost 30 years of study and research and its vines have reached full maturity and are thus, capable of supplying grapes that truly exalt the characteristics of each single variety. The wines of Borgo Malgredo currently present themselves in a new guise that’s original and extremely charming, bridging the gap between classic traditions and the future.

Our style

To achieve the perfect combination of century-fold enological culture and the contemporary drinking style—this is the company’s objective—and it has been summarized in the bottles’ design. Made from grapes typical of the Friuli wine-making culture, these classic wines from the territory have a cutting-edge modern style, fashioned with dedication and detailed craftsmanship. These ten reference points have a strong varietal connotation and are made with wine-making processes that exclusively use grapes belonging to the company. It’s a question of quality without compromise and these wines have the courage to present themselves with an original playful tone, taking a step away from the serious stereotype that all too often invades the world of Bacchus. A project that embraces both the past and the future, this style joins ancient flavors with contemporary tastes, so that once again the company proves itself ahead of the times…capable of anticipating tomorrow!